Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday again.

And so, another paddle. This was unexpected, as our truck has broken down which makes travel to anywhere pretty much impossible--especially with the kayaks. But Catherine asked if we were planning to paddle Cadboro Bay, so of course we said yes.
It was a quiet, slow paddle out past Flower Is. and over toward Cadboro Point. The tide was moving a lot of water through Baynes, kicking up some waves, and there were regular large swells coming in past the point. At this point we decided to turn around, as there was coffee waiting at Olive Olio's in the village. After the brutal noise levels last night at the Prism gig in Sooke, it was nice to be out on the water again, where the loudest sound is the paddle in the water and your paddle jacket brushing against itself.
Wildlife today included visits from a cormorant, heron, and a seal off Cadboro Point. And Catherine also spotted a lovely orange sea star by Flower. All in all a good day afloat.

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