Monday, June 22, 2015

Kayaker Rescued Off Denman Island

According to this story from the Victoria Times-Colonist, a kayaker was rescued last Friday evening by the crew of the BC Ferry, the MV Quinitsa. While docked at Denman Island, crew responded quickly to a rescue call. A woman on shore had heard someone calling for help from out on the water, and due to the swift action of the ferry crew, the kayaker was rescued about a mile from the terminal. The paddler and her kayak were taken to the terminal.
While no details were released about the kayaker or the nature of her emegency, she was fine and she picked up her kayak the next day.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Ten Mile Point weather station for boat users!

 Kayakers in Cadboro Bay, there's a new website to put on your list along with Big Wave Dave.

"A new website that uses data from a private weather station at Ten Mile Point should be a boon to local residents as well as recreational boaters and ocean enthusiasts in and around Cadboro Bay," says an article on the Saanich News website. "The weather station is owned and maintained by local resident Julian Elliott, a San Francisco native who retired to Saanich with his wife. While Elliott has been operating the weather station since 2006, the user-friendly website will be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts, he said."

Here's a link to the article in Saanich News about the new weather station.

Our friends Susan and Mike in their canoe

A bug on their canoe's gunwhale could have heard the following during Tuesday night's canoe lesson:
Mike: Why don't you take the stern?
Susan: I don't want to take the stern.
Mike: But you're doing so well! You should try the stern.
Susan: But I'm happy in the bow.
(Later.... with Susan paddling in the stern.)
Mike: What the heck are you doing? Can't you get us going in a straight line?
Susan: You said you wanted me in the stern.... (more bickering....)
Cue LOVE BOAT theme music....