Monday, June 04, 2018

Kayakers in the Gorge

Yesterday, Louise and I discovered some kayakers playing in The Gorge under the Tillicum Bridge. Although it's a fair distance inland, The Gorge is actually tidal water and pinches at the narrows under the Bridge, which can make for some fun white water to play in if that's your thing.
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_MG_0511 copy

These three gentlemen were clearly enjoying the rough stuff, even when one of them lost his paddle....
...and went over.
But he was able to recover and roll up. And that's why you should have a spare paddle within reach, folks. (And not to worry, he found his wayward paddle.)
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_MG_0619 copy

While that group was out in the rough stuff, the folks from Go Kayak were giving a currents lesson in some slightly calmer water.
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Louise and I have taken courses from Yves and Patty from Go Kayak and totally enjoyed the experience. Check them out if you're looking to learn how to kayak, or just need a tune-up course.
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