Video Kayak Tips

We've gathered here some video tips that we've stumbled upon through the years. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't point out that nothing beats personalized instruction from an accredited kayaking instructor; that said, you may find some useful tips and techniques to try here.

The Dump
From the folks at Body Boat Blade comes this interesting way to empty your kayak of water once you've scrambled in or re-entered and rolled after you've gone swimming. Mind you, you do need a willing partner, but it is a quick way to empty your boat. And I wonder if it might be a good way to help teach rolling...?

Stand-Up Kayaking
Forget stand-up about stand-up kayaking? Need a quick lesson? Check out the embedded video with Leon Sommé from Body Boat Blade and maybe soon you, too, will stand out from the kayaking crowd.

Zero to Paddling in 12 Seconds
You might be able to do that if you master the launch technique displayed by Leon Sommé of Body Boat Blade in the embedded video below. Dubbed the Speed Launch, it will get you on the water quickly and is also a good opportunity to practice your scramble re-entry.
I should note that men should be extra careful when practicing this maneuver.

The Haghigi
Here's a quick way to do a 180 in your kayak, from the folks at Body Boat Blade.

Kayak Roll circa 1975
Here's a short video from 1975 by Russ Nichols, apparently the first film to demonstrate a kayak roll. The cast of the film were well-known kayakers of the era. A nice little piece of history and instruction.

Edging, Bracing, Turning
Shawna Franklin and Leon Sommé of Body Boat Blade star in a series of quick instructional videos on edging kayaks produced by Bryan Smith of Pacific Horizons fame. Check them out below:

Gordon Brown offers some information about tides.

Reverse Stroke
Mike Aronoff demonstrates the Reverse stroke.

Dock Launch and Landing
The folks at Body Boat Blade demonstrate how to launch and land off a high dock.

Heel Hook Rescue
Gordon Brown demonstrates the heel hook rescue.

Kayak Rolling Troubleshooting
The folks at H20 Dreams offer rolling troubleshooting.

Kayaking 101

The Deep Diggity Dig
Want to turn your kayak around in a hurry? In the clip embedded below, Leon Sommé of Boat Body Blade demonstrates a high speed 180-degree kayak turn called The Deep Diggity Dig.

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