Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Strange Waves

Today we launched from a new spot, Telegraph Bay. Dennis still seems keen on his inflatable boat, but I am still suspicious. However the important thing is that we are out having fun, and Dennis has not sprung a leak and disappeared while no one is looking.

This is an easily accessible and quiet launch point. But no sooner had we made it out of the small bay then we all felt a strange sensation. It seemed like the water was going in circles. The waves seemed to be going in all directions at once.
They weren't violent or nasty waves, but we all felt we were being gently shaken as if there had been a small earthquake. The wave action just didn't seem right, like we were toys in a giant bathtub and someone was gently pushing the water around in circles. It was quite eerie, and we are really at a loss to explain it. We're guessing we experienced a wake from a distant passing freighter, since there was in fact no earthquake, but it sure didn't feel like any wake we've experienced before.
The sensation put us on edge and made for a lively topic at the post-kayaking coffee stop.

The cloudy sky made for some dramatic photos.



And how often do you get to paddle with a Paddlewheeler?

John's pictures are here.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Willows Beach

Paula, Louise and I went for a little paddle around Willows Beach.



The islands seem tantalizing close. One day we will brave enough to head out to them.

John's pictures are here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Loose in The Lagoon

This week, we're blazing some new ground, er, water. Paula, Dennis, Louise and I are in Esquimalt Lagoon.

This is a large sheltered lagoon that's home to lots of seabirds, although only seagulls seemed to be around today.

We left the lagoon and moved into the ocean. We barely made it through -- you can see how shallow it was.

And after a nice paddle in the open water, it was time to head home!

John's pictures are here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cadboro Bay - The Other Way

Just Louise, Paula and me today for a short jaunt around Cadboro Bay.

Instead of heading north out of the bay like we usually do, we headed south pass the Uplands district, so named because everyone else must live on the Downlands I guess.

Here's what $10,000,000 can buy you.

It's a good day to be a seagull!

John's pictures are here.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Paddling Brentwood

Here we are ready to take on the big water on Brentwood Bay.

It's Louise, Paula, Bernie, Dennis and myself today. Bernie has rented a Carolina so that he and Paula can enjoy the rare pleasure of paddling at the same time. (They have to get another boat!)

And away we go in front of this very modern and very ugly condoninium.

Dennis is in his new inflatable kayak.... I dunno if I'd go out on one of those things. Hope it doesn't leak!

We headed into Tod Inlet....

...and it sure brought out the romance in these two. Ain't lust grand?

We poked around the point into Saanich Inlet, then it was time to head back!

John's picture are here.