Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mystery A Foot

As we noted on this blog last August, two sneaker-clad right feet mysteriously washed ashore in the Gulf Islands. No one knew who the feet belonged to, and no had reported their right foot had suddenly gone missing.
This past week, a third right foot has been found washed ashore.
Let's hope the authorities put their best foot forward and solve this mystery.

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  1. Yeah, we talked about this third grisly discovery while paddling Saturday in Cadboro Bay, and I seem to have freaked out Richard. Sorry, man!
    Alison and I got talking about the science of such disintegrations when the first two feet were found this summer, and I forgot that not everybody sees a natural disarticulation as a reassuring sign that foul play was not the only way such events can happen.
    I'm writing a radio play using these "found feet" as a starting point.