Monday, February 11, 2008

One more thing to do with your plastic water bottle

Paula showed me on the weekend Ocean River's list of what to do with your plastic water bottle. Ocean River decided to provide a list to those of us who are switching from plastic water bottles to stainless steel and to ensure the plastic water bottles didn't migrate to the landfill. If Paula has the list hopefully she will post it here.

While searching on Mountain Equipment Co-op' s site for a stainless steel water bottle, after purchasing one over the weekend which now resides as work, and wishing to find one to fit my plastic assecories, I found this interesting gadget. Now here's a really innovative idea and a great way to use your plastic bottle once you switch to stainless steel. I want one!

Guyot Designs Firefly Lid
This unique water bottle lid contains an integrated LED light which spreads a warm glow throughout your bottle. You can use your bottle as a light right-side-up, upside down, or hanging from your tent.
Variable light levels.
Electronics are housed in a sealed compartment. No risk of water or juice contaminating the light.

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