Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Saturday Morning

Ah, just another lovely day on the Middle Harbour. Today there was Paula, myself, and Pebbles having a lovely low-key paddle up the Middle Harbour from Songhees to the far side of the Selkirk Trestle.
Mostly it was about getting newbie Pebbles out on the water. As is typical with the younger people I take out, none of them are enamoured of the fashion statement of fleece, neoprene and a mango or yellow paddle jacket. But once out on the water, she seemed to be having a very good time.
Paddling the Pamlico went pretty well also; both Catherine and Pebbles seem to be able to handle the Pam better than I did at first. Perhaps its because I have a stronger stroke–less power in the stroke seems to keep the bow pointing where you want it to go, and my drive to go further faster may have been what was making the boat twist under me.
The water was flat, the weather was good (and just kept getting better) and the company was convivial. Can you ask for a better day?

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