Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New toy to covet

Oh wow... this gearhead has found another piece of gear to covet. And this one I can't knit or whittle.
Check out the Spot satellite messenger at West Marine stores.
It's a device that you carry around when out in the boonies where there's no cell phone coverage. It communicates with the GPS satellites. It's better than a Personal Locator Beacon because it's not just for emergencies.
There are only four buttons, and each has an LED to show you've pushed a button. You should be able to operate this device in the dark. Turn this puppy on, and you can send your choice of three automatic messages to up to ten e-mail @ddresses or cell phones that you have programmed in: I'm OK, Help, or 911.
Press the OK button, and your contact list gets the note I'm OK and your GPS location.
Press the Help button, and they get the note HELP and your GPS location.
Press the 911 button, and your note & GPS location also go to 911 search and rescue.
If that ain't enough, they have the Survivorman star doing an ad for them. Even though we just watched him kayaking in Alaska and the man's paddling technique is all wrong. He does know survival.


  1. This is cool! I need at least five of these!

  2. I can't decide if this would make my parents feel more "in touch" and secure when I'm paddling the Red Deer River, or instead maybe have them biting their nails each evening until my e-mail note arrives saying "I'm OK!"
    Reminds me of the woman on CBC radio talking about her missionary work. Her parents used to get a letter from her about every month. Now they panic if they don't get an e-mail from her two days in a row.