Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cackle TV Canada Day Sale

Justine Curgenven and Cackle TV have begun to offer many of her splendid kayaking films from the award-winning This Is The Sea DVD series as digital downloads. With Canada Day looming at the end of the month, Cackle TV has teamed up with Kayak Yak to offer something special to Kayak Yak readers.
From now through Canada Day on July 1, you can download any of Cackle TV's three kayaking films shot in Canada at a 20% discount. Go to Cackle's Download page, select any or all of the following three films, and enjoy them at a 20% savings. Use the code word KAYAKYAK when you check out!

You can choose from:
Skooks (from This is The Sea 2)
Bryan Smith (an award-winning film-maker in his own right) survives getting trashed multiple times at the famous Skookemchuck rapids in British Columbia. This surfing wave provides beautiful green waves to carve on which turn into angry white monsters on big spring tides. Bryan shows off his skills and survives multiple rolls.
Ottawa River (from This is the Sea 4)
World champion kayakers Ken Whiting and Brendan Mark take seakayaks down the grade 4 high volume Ottawa River. Justine has to survive the rapids to get in position to film the experts. It's a good thing she knows how to roll!
In this terrific film, these beautiful, remote islands off the west coast of Canada showcase an assortment of amazing wildlife, wilderness camping, intimidating swells and Haida culture. Shawna Franklin, Leon Somme and Justine paddle 500 miles around the archipelago encountering humpback whales and 200 year old totem poles. This is one of my favourite of the This is the Sea films.
And if that doesn't whet your appetite, check out this clip from the Haida Gwaii film:

Check out these films and others at Cackle TV, and don't forget to use the code KAYAKYAK when you checkout to save 20% when you download the three films featured above!

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  1. Yay!
    These films are great, whether you rival Justine for skills or just like to watch. As well, I find these films support a very positive attitude toward "being where you are" and "being who you are." Even though the people depicted are very athletic and strong and paddling in some of the best kayaking places around the world, the message is inclusive instead of exclusive. After watching any of these films, I didn't come away with the sad feeling that only the best paddlers in the world get to do trips like that in those far-off places. Instead, I was saying Wow! That place reminds me of the one nearby where I like to paddle! Those paddlers are better than me, but I have fun doing something like this!
    The films have good production values, and surprisingly little "jiggle" -- which matters a lot for me. Watching jiggly film can make my head spin and give me a migraine. It's always exciting and interesting when John hosts a DVD night with one of CackleTV's films.