Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mega-Yacht Marina Protest - Dénouement

We mentioned in our coverage of last week's protest rally against the mega-yacht marina proposed for Victoria Harbour that the developer, Bob Evans, kicked a reporter from local news weekly Monday Magazine out from a pro-marina press conference he held the day before the rally. We cheekily speculated that this action would no doubt prompt Monday to change the tone of its coverage.
Or, you know, not.
This week, Monday reports:
We arrived sans invitation, assuming—incorrectly it would seem—that a press conference would actually be open to the press, so while we don’t know much about what was said concerning the marina (presumably, that it is a really, really good idea), we did obtain a transcript of what Evans had to say about us after our ejection.
Among other things, Evans said, “I witnessed Monday Magazine criticizing most of the rest of the press because of the way they cover our project. I looked at the representative and thought, ‘I could buy him a bottle of gin or give him a trip around the planet or give him a house and it wouldn’t make any difference.’ No matter what we said today it would still come out negative. It didn’t matter whether he was here or not.”
Was Evans giving Monday a back-handed compliment by suggesting that Monday would stand by its priniples no matter how much he might try to bribe them? No, probably not. But it sure reads that way.


  1. Lovely capture. Its a direct compliment, but inadvertant. I'd suggest that what he wanted to say was that there was no set of objective facts (assuming they might exist, which is a different argument) he could present that would have caused Monday Magazine to approve of the project. But then, then I would infer that he's used to a certain mode of operation reflected in his actual comment.

  2. Well said, Al.
    Or as one of the speakers at the rally put it, Bob Evans is often his own worst enemy.