Friday, April 16, 2010

Marina Vigil Tomorrow!

The best part of the last two weeks was the time spent on the water! Well, that's pretty much always true. But it's especially true with the unexpected death of my partner's young cousin. It's hardly worth talking about the landlady's cats getting older and odder and one not eating.
But paddling puts all of that away for a while, blows every thought out of a crowded head. It's good to be out in my Eliza or the little inflatable, whether I'm on Cadboro Bay or noodling around Beaver Lake.
Eagles seem to love this time of year. There's at least one pair on Ten Mile Point, and I see them circling in updrafts. Maybe people with black roofs on their houses don't know it, but there's an updraft of warm air rising from each of those black roofs. On a day with little or no breeze, an eagle turning in small circles can ride that updraft for a few hundred feet... I'm used to seeing migrating geese use a big updraft from a plowed field in Alberta, so it's quite charming to see that little updrafts work pretty well, too.
Making plans for kayak outings is hard when plans change, but it's good to be flexible. I like looking forward to Paddlefest in Ladysmith next month. I don't like the proposed marina in Victoria's Inner Harbour, so I'm looking forward to the vigil tomorrow at Lime Bay Park at 11:00 am. Be there if you care! It should be fun to paddle in a crowd and wave at the crowd onshore.
Paddling is always the best part of the week, even with the surprise assignment of a new book to write with a short deadline. If you don't see me hanging around coffee shops for the next couple weeks, I'll either be busy writing or out in the bay clearing my head of cobwebs.

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