Thursday, December 30, 2010

Remembering "Paddle To The Sea"

Today a tickling cough kept me off the water. I don't want this symptom to progress to a bad cold or 'flu. Even so, I wrapped up warmly in a sweater and parka and twice walked down through Gyro Park to look at the shoreline, once in the morning, once in the afternoon. There was beautiful clear light, for much of the day.
Holed up with my computer in the middle of the day, I missed the sounds of heavy equipment in the parking lot. Saanich workers spread a couple of yards of gravel over the entrance to the parking lot. The potholes that had been showing in the morning were covered smoothly by 3:30 pm. It takes a lot of maintenance to keep these high-traffic areas in good repair, or moderately good repair. That's worth remembering, for those of us who aren't kayaking in a trackless wilderness.
I also found myself remembering "Paddle To The Sea" -- a short film made by the National Film Board in 1966. Maybe I'm just nostalgic for this and many NFB short films. I like remembering this little film, and I like knowing that many schoolkids across Canada saw it in their classrooms as I did in mine.


  1. Bought that movie on DVD (and the book it was based on) for my mother-in-law this Christmas. And, I'm pleased to say, I once had dinner with Bill Mason, the filmmaker.

  2. Awesome! Thanks, Derryl. I hear that the NFB has almost all of the films it owns now available on-line. Go there, parents, and show your kids the films you remember!