Thursday, November 07, 2013

Kayaker Saves Owl

We've had pictures of lots of different animals on kayaks here on the blog, but we've never seen one like this before.
Pentti Taskinen, kayaking on Lake Tuusula in Finland, discovered a water-logged owl in trouble. "At first I thought it was an otter," Taskinen said. "But then I paddled closer and lo and behold, found the owl in the middle of the lake, around 500m from shore."
How the owl ended up in the middle of the lake is a mystery, and it probably would have died had not Taskinen happened along.
He transported the owl back to shore, and after it dried off it was able to fly away.

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  1. Thank God for people like you who love their sport, continue to do it even after the season is over. You were a life saver, you are blessed. Thank you