Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Kayaker Rescued off Discovery Island

Details are few, but local media is reporting that a kayaker was rescued from the waters south of Discovery Island yesterday. He tied himself to the kayak, and was in the water about three hours before he was rescued. The search was initiated when he was reported overdue. My guess from the sketchy reports is that the man overturned and couldn't get back into his kayak.
We've paddled this area many times and it's a gorgeous destination just off of Cadboro Bay. But if you catch it at the wrong time and in the wrong conditons, you'll have your hands full. A canoeist drowned in the same area last year. With such little information available, I wouldn't want to speculate on what the kayaker may have or may not have done wrong, but I will note at least one thing he did right -- someone on shore knew what his float plan was, and knew when he was overdue and alerted authorities. And here's a shout out to the Oak Bay Sea Rescue Society for a job well done!

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  1. Yes! It really goes to show that kayaking is not only about the powerful people with perfect rolls -- there are lots of ways to improve your day on the water and Do Things Right. Cheers for the ground crew who alerted authorities when the paddler was overdue! And three cheers for the Oak Bay Sea Rescue Society!
    It's worth saying again that these beautiful bays and islands may be safe paddling places in good weather and at the right turn of the tides and currents, but whoooo-boy! Everything can change in half an hour out here. The current can grow stronger, or the slack tide can end, or a weather front can move in. Take care! And carry your SPOT beacon to tell your ground crew where you are and whether you're OK or need a buddy to pick you up, or to tell 911 to come to the rescue.