Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brief Note About One Response to the Norway Shooter

After a week camping on Quadra Island, studying clam gardens, I have a pile of notes to use for posting here. But it's gotten late after checking my e-mail and answering the priority stuff and especially the friend stuff. So I'll just make time to post here the link to something a friend sent. During the recent awful events in and near Oslo, Norway, there was one response to the shooter that sounds particularly brave. Apparently two women who were near the camp heard the shooting and cries. They got into their boat and went toward the island, and pulled as many of the teenagers as they could into their boat. They took them to the lakeshore and went back three more times, saving forty teenagers in all, while the shooter put holes right through their boat.


  1. That is incredibly heroic! What a tragedy for Norway, but what an encouraging story - forty lives saved by two women and their kayaks!

  2. Apparently the women's boat wasn't a kayak, but rather a small motorboat of some kind, large enough to stuff ten or so wet teenagers in like sardines. Courage under fire.