Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Have A Cunning Plan

Yes, it's that time of the year, when we graciously open up our hearts and our wallets -- mostly our wallets -- and attend the twice yearly ritual that is the Ocean River Gear Up Sale, held as always in the luxurious Tent In The Parking Lot Across The Street.

Louise and I were the very first people in line.
This year, I was determined to get a new paddle. I had a cunning plan. I would enter first, head right towards the Delta Kayaks tent, feint left towards the Current Design kayaks, roll under the Icebreaker table and would then be well-placed for an assault on the Werner Paddles. Louise would follow right behind me. She would create a distraction by falling down and shouting, "Oh my leg! It's broken! Is there a lawyer here?" This would allow me enough time to have the paddles to myself for a few moments to find a good one.
Did my plan work?
From the grin on my face, I think you can tell.

After that initial rush, we picked over the Icebreaker table at a slightly more relaxed pace, then hung out a bit with Mark from Delta Kayaks.

Richard was here today as well, and he did his yearly clothes shopping.
Paula and Bernie were planning to go kayaking down the Sooke River this morning, so hopefully they'll post some pictures later today (hint, hint).

Now it's time to start saving money. After all, the Ocean River Fall Sale is only six months away!


  1. oooo SALE! :D Nice paddle there, mr. Dad said the rapids were really fast, so hopefully he'll post the awesome video he took of mom *hint hint!* I miss it so much, I dreamt I was kayaking last night!

  2. Enough of this living on the prairies nonsense -- get back to the coast where you belong!

  3. Oh, just come out once in a while, paddle, eat turkey and wheat-free cake, then go back to your fulfilling and lucrative photography career. That's what I want. Plus to have a couple of assignments to write kayaking books using photos from Lila and John, and stuff from the blog... and I want cheesecake.