Monday, March 29, 2010

Cursing the Weather Gods

So every year, Louise and I generally take a week off around Easter. No particular reason except that as a four-day long weekend, those two statutory holidays over Easter give you some extra bang for your vacation hours buck, and generally Spring has sprung by this time and we can get a few days of kayaking in. So this year, we're taking April 2 - April 11 off work.
Check out the forecast.
Yes, that's right.
Rain is forecast for every day.
Every day.
Except for the 10th when it might snow.
The smarty-pants among you may have noticed that the forecast for the 11th isn't looking too bad, and I know that you're thinking Quit being a whiner, John. At least you'll get one decent day for paddling. Except of course, that we have already made plans for the 11th. And they are indoor plans. No doubt this is why the weather gods are planning to make that the first day with sunshine in over a week. No doubt they're having a good chuckle about it, too.


  1. hahaha Sucks to be in BC! It's officially spring here :D For another day or two until it decides to snow again, of course.

    PS. I love the new header picture. It's awesome. How did I never notice it before? Has it been up there for a year and I'm just an idiot?

  2. No, the header's only been up for a couple of weeks. Now as to whether your an idiot or not.... no, of course not! ;)

  3. I, on the other hand, am looking at sunny with a high of 26 on Saturday (per Environment Canada; Yahoo is a little more conservative at 22). BUT AH DINNAE HAE ONY BOOT (Trans: I haz no boat). Kayak rental on the Lachine Canal doesn't start until April 30, and at Parc de la Riviere until mid-May. The Internal Department of Fiscal Responsibility has been refusing to sign off on the folding kayak I've been longing for (a Pakboats XT15) for the past year. There may be an coup in the offing, should I cross paths with a Dragonfly or Lagoon.

  4. Yes, I did notice that you Easterners have stolen our good weather. :)
    I thought the Internal Department of Fiscal Responsibility had been closed a long time ago -- I know mine has! :)
    Any plans to paddle out west this year?