Friday, October 16, 2009

Vancouver Island Circumnavigation Attempt by Pedal-Power

Last week we told you about Greg Kolodziejzyk's plan to pedal a craft solo from Victoria to Hawaii next June, a distance of about 4,500 km. Today he announced a warm-up trip; the first pedal-powered circumnavigation of Vancouver Island, a trip of about 1,120 km.
Next Friday, Greg and Jordan Hanssen will launch from Comox on the east coast of Vancouver Island, and they expect the trip to take two to three weeks. The current record for a human-powered circumnavigation of the Island is held by kayaker Sean Morley, who completed a paddling trip around the Island in 17 days, 4 hours, and 49 minutes in September, 2008. (Former record holder Joe O'Blenis is looking to retake the kayaking record when he attempts another circumnavigation next June.)
You can follow Greg on his current record attempt and his preparations for his solo crossing to Hawaii on his blog, or his expedition web site. He's raising money and awareness (and bikes) for Kimberlee's Bikes for Kids.

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