Saturday, October 24, 2009

Leon and Shawna Rock! Part Two!

2009-10-23 Haida Gwaii 005
Paula beat me to the punch about last night's lecture by Shawna Franklin and Leon Sommé on their trip around Haida Gwaii. And since there aren't many more superlatives other than what Paula has already used to describe their engaging story and a great evening's worth of entertainment, I'll just post some pictures, starting with Leon and Shawna talking to Maureen, who ran the Queen Charlotte Islands Visitor Centre when they did their trip.
2009-10-23 Haida Gwaii 007

This is the kayak that they lent Justine Curgenven for the trip. It had already been around Iceland.
Don't let the empty seats fool you. By the time they started, the auditorium was nearly full, about 200 people we figure.
2009-10-23 Haida Gwaii 002

Leon and Shawna again, getting a little token from the president of SISKA, who organized the event.
2009-10-23 Haida Gwaii 014

And Paula won a door prize!
2009-10-23 Haida Gwaii 009

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