Friday, October 30, 2009

More Mega-Yacht Marina Mysteries

A reader over at Wavelength Magazine's blog created this picture that shows the proposed mega-yacht marina and all the traffic lanes in the harbour. The mystery here is where do kayaks go. Do you see any room for kayakers or other paddlers? As noted on the Wavelength blog, "the marina sits squarely on the only through way for non-motorized craft" which is along the north shore, effectively cutting paddlers in the Inner Habour off from the Outer Harbour, the Middle Harbour and the ocean and vice versa.
The mysteries continue over at Focus Online in their November issue which, in a story by Sam Williams, examines the mysterious and complicated question of who actually owns the land, the foreshore and water lots involved, and also dispels a belief by some patronizing members of the local media that the developer has a Supreme Court ruling allowing him to build the marina. It makes for some interesting reading (opens as a pdf).
To help stop this project, click here for Save Victoria Harbour.

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  1. I can't believe anyone who actually takes boats into the Middle Harbour would ever think a marina could or should be built in that location! My thought is that it might be hard even to install a ramp so that people could launch kayaks at that spot.