Thursday, October 08, 2009

For Your Feet Only

If James Bond was really serious about reducing his carbon footprint, he'd ask Q for one of these.
This is a HEPAV - a human powered electric amphibian vehicle, or as this Wired article describes it, "it's a actually just a trike with electric assist encapsulated in a buoyant waterproof shell that allows cyclists to pedal their way into rivers and ponds."
The inventor, David Buchwaldek, wanted the vehicle to be similar to a kayak, able to be carried in a car but easily pedaled to the shore. Sadly, because of its expensive and labour-intensive construction needs, it's likely to remain a one-off and not enter mass production.
On his website, you can find lots of pictures and info about his other creations, both human and electric powered.
Of course, the ultimate question is, does it float? The video below should answer that question.

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