Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday afternoon with Khaled

Saturday was a beautiful bright day! I picked up my inflatable Dragonfly and walked down to the beach in Cadboro Bay. The parking lot was crammed full, and among the many dozens of people crowding the beach and promenade was someone carrying a recreational kayak on his shoulder.
We launched at the same time and introduced ourselves --he was Khaled, and the kayak was his brand-new boat, a Pelican Sunstream. The conditions were perfect for this boat inside the bay, and now Khaled knows that just outside the bay are a couple of currents that are a bit too much for Pelicans.
Just by looking -- he didn't flip!
And to welcome him to the bay, on the little rock garden were otters playing. Mama otter and three of her babies were hunting at low tide. They stared and ducked away into the water.
Friday at six pm I'm launching again. Hope that others will come by after work for a quick rec paddle!

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