Sunday, July 19, 2009


We've had another stretch of hot lawn-baking sunshine. Brown: it's the new green. Although it cooled off a bit today and is expected to cool further over the coming week, the current forecast high for next Sunday is 34c, about 11c above the normal high temperature. We'll be cooking, if we can trust the weather guru's often dubious prognostications.
This hot weather marks the temporary return of our kayaking comrade Alison, here visiting family, friends and her kayak from her current home (and the city where I was born) Montréal. [insert shameless plug here: buy her new novel!]
We put in this morning at Telegraph Bay.
Telegraph Bay

Before we removed our kayaks from our vehicles, we watched a pair of otters scrambling over the low tide rocks...
2009-07-19-Telegraph Bay 016
...while on the other side of the small bay, this heron kept watch on the proceedings.
2009-07-19-Telegraph Bay 025

It was Alison, Louise, Paula and myself today. I mentioned that the cool people were all paddling red kayaks this year. Reds are in this year, said Alison. Paula argued that she was almost a red with her pink kayak.
2009-07-19-Telegraph Bay 034

As we made our way north-ish from Telegraph Bay, we saw quite a variety of animal life. This is the third deer we saw up on the bluffs. We saw two others earlier, both being tailed by a small black cat. No pictures, alas.
2009-07-19-Telegraph Bay 035

We turned around and headed back at Mount Douglas Park, where we saw this eagle.
2009-07-19-Telegraph Bay 058

Just south of the park, our curiosity was raised by this concrete wall. Paula said it was a salt water swimming pool. The pool fills up at high tide, allowing people to take a swim in it. She said she remembered walking to this pool from Mount Douglas Park and swimming in it as a child. She offered that if we were to put in, she'd jump into it for a quick dip for a picture.
2009-07-19-Telegraph Bay 063
We put in and clambered over to rocks to find that the pool was indeed full of water.
2009-07-19-Telegraph Bay 066
It was also full of green stuff and algae. Paula quickly reconsidered her offer to swim in it, much to Alison's amusement. Continuing our paddle, we noticed two or three other salt water pools like this one, although none were as big.
2009-07-19-Telegraph Bay 067

We also noticed this small room built into the side of a cliff. Paula and Alison immdiately said it would make a great writing room, and they're so right. It's how I imagine a writing room to be: a small private and secluded space, with a great view and a cat in the window....
2009-07-19-Telegraph Bay 072
....although generally I imagine the cat to be inside the window.
2009-07-19-Telegraph Bay 074

We saw a little bit of everything today: two eagles, two otters, a heron, jumping fish, three deer, a few seals, two air force jets and two pussy cats. It just doesn't get much better.
2009-07-19-Telegraph Bay 070

2009-07-19 Telegraph Bay

Trip length: 11.61 km
YTD: 178.42 km
My pictures are here.
The Google Earth kmz is here.

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