Tuesday, July 07, 2009

At Least They Didn't Use Dynamite

Followers of this blog will remember that we've had some pretty strange things wash up on shore in this part of the world the last few years, mostly severed human feet (seven so far).
But here's something you don't see everyday. Just over a week ago, a cow washed up on the beach near Clover Point. After two days, city work crews finally hauled the carcass away after sorting through the red tape. You see, the cow was located below the high-water line so the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans was contacted because below the high-tide line is under federal jurisdiction. But apparently a cow is not a fish, and the Department of Fisheries doesn't deal with beached bovines, so eventually the Canadian Food Inspection Agency assumed control. They arranged to take the cow over 700km away to Calgary to dispose of it. Your tax dollars at work.
No one knows where the cow came from. Was it from a local farm and somehow wandered through downtown without anyone seeing it, or did it fall off a passing ship?
The city crews responsible for clearing up Cuddles had never seen anything like it before in Victoria. They were not a-moo-sed.
At least they didn't use dynamite.

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