Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Déjà Vu All Over Again

It's official. Environment Canada's definition of a heatwave apparently is five days in a row of heat above 30C, and we are smack dab in the middle of one. It's blisteringly hot today. I'm building up a sweat just typing this blog. And it's very humid.
We decided for a quick paddle up the Gorge today. Louise and I were bushed after hosting a yard sale yesterday in the baking heat. We did pretty well though, got rid of some old paddles and PFDs and some other gear. After the sale, we stayed out too late watching Star Trek at the IMAX. So we were pretty beat. I don't do well in the heat, so we just wanted to do a quickie paddle today before it became unbearable out there.
2009-07-26-The Gorge 028

We were joined by Paula and her paddling neighbour Khaled. It's an eclectic group of kayaks today. Louise and I were in our Deltas, while Paula took her Advanced Elements Expedition on the bus to join us, while Khaled was in his Pelican rec boat.
2009-07-26-The Gorge 005

This home-made canoe caught my eye.
2009-07-26-The Gorge 013

After we passed under the Admirals Road bridge....
2009-07-26-The Gorge 014
...we caught up with the swans.
2009-07-26-The Gorge 036
This person came out of their dock to feed them. If this pictures looks familiar, it's because we saw him feed last years crop of baby swans off the same dock.
2009-07-26-The Gorge 040

We found some more of those gelatinous egg-sack things we often see....
2009-07-26-The Gorge 023
...and a flock of one-legged geese.
2009-07-26-The Gorge 045

We're hoping for a few more paddles this week, it all depends on the heat.
2009-07-26 The Gorge

Trip Length: 8.67 km
YTD: 187.09
More pictures are here.
The Google Earth kmz is here.

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