Friday, July 31, 2009

A change of plans

The plan was to paddle Patricia Bay, and it was a good idea and we'd checked out possible launching places. Only when we arrived early this morning at 8am the water hadn't cooperated and it was a long long walk to get it. We decided to go to Sidney and the boat launch instead, but at $8.00 just to launch we parked at Tulista Park and rolled the kayaks to the launch, while Alison carried hers.


It was a beautiful day with some chop and some calm water too.


As we paddled along we spotted a few herons. This one stayed still, but we missed photographing one that flew right over John.


I spotted the eagle in the tree this time! This is the first time I've captured a few eagle shots as I normally can't zoom in close enough with my camera. John can and gets much better photographs of course.



The goal was to go to the spit but it never seemed to get closer. Reminding us of 15 minute island. Instead we decided to keep paddling until John told us we'd reached 5km on the GPS and then we would turn around. So we paddled into the sun.


Here's John checking the GPS as we now had to reach our 5km goal.


Just before we headed back I got these great photographs of Alison and John.

Alison up close

While taking this one of John I noted a neat reflection in his sunglasses.

John up close

A little zoom in....and I'm in the photograph too.

paddle in the glasses

Coming back we got to surf and going into the boat launch the waves were a bit choppy but all in all a really nice paddle.

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