Friday, July 17, 2009

Mega-Yacht Developer Alters Plans

The developers have altered their plans for the proposed mega-yacht marina for Victoria's Inner Harbour. A spokesman for the developers said that a small realignment of a bridge will create more space between the shore and docks, and allow for a straighter route for kayaks and other paddlers. A public landing area and kayak storage area has been added.
It should be noted that the clearance under the bridge that kayaks will have to paddle under is 1.52m according to the developer's plans (a shade under 5 feet for those of you who are metric-challenged), so all you tall paddlers with high stroke angles might end up banging some paddles on it.
While Victoria's kayaking community has yet to weigh in on the changes, this kayaker still thinks this is a dumb idea. Any new development that encourages and depends on the burning of GHG-producing fossil fuels for its existence and survival is wrongheaded and misguided in the 21st century. We need to be kicking our carbon-burning addiction, not feeding it. Tourism projects like this that cater to petroleum-based transportation methods will be as dead as the dinosaurs they are burning in a few short years. Business as usual doesn't cut it anymore.
You want to build a marina on the harbour that caters to kayakers, canoeists, dragon boaters, fitness paddlers and sailboaters? Count me in! We spend money too, you know.
But mega-power-yachts? Sorry, their time has passed.

The building application is online here. The file number is 1405848
Written comments on the application can be sent to:
Section Head, Crown Land Adjudication, Integrated Land Management Bureau
Suite 142
2080 Labieux Rd.
Nanaimo BC V9T 6J9

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