Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Odd Product

Kayaks are well-known for allowing wilderness travellers to bring along more supplies than they can carry. Most sea kayaks can carry more stuff than any backpack! Even my Eliza, with slim lines and small hatches, still has space for more cargo than I would care to carry along a hiking trail.
But how do people carry more cargo than fits into their kayak hatches? One intrepid paddling pioneer used to swim around islands in Hawaii, towing a floating picnic cooler along. Some stand-up paddleboarders keep a drybag on the board's deck. I wonder if my little inflatable could be towed behind a kayak, as a sort of cargo trailer.
Turns out other people have had a similar idea. There's a gizmo invented to be a kind of cargo trailer for kayaks. They call it a Kayak Kaboose. I wonder how well it works. It sure looks like a neat idea.


  1. Hi Paula, I have one and will be testing it in the bay over the coming weeks. I think it has great potential for camping with a low volume kayak.

  2. Wow! I guess it might be useful when you're on a camping trip with a group. Maybe after you've tested it, you'll let me have a turn seeing how it works with my Eliza?

  3. Hi Paula, we are the inventers of the Kayak Kaboose. Just to let you know, we've had a group of men take out the kaboose in class 3 rapids, dropped approx 12 feet.... The one guy flipped two times all the while the kaboose stayed upright. The rest of the group couldn't wait to get to shore to check out the kaboose and their gear... They were pleased to see that their gear was dry and in one piece! If you want to see a video of someone rolling with the kaboose, go to youtube and type in kayakkabooserollingvideo. If you have any questions or comments regarding our product, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-825-4580 or email us at info@kayakkaboose.com
    Regards, Brenda

  4. Great to hear from gear inventors! I wonder if the Kayak Kaboose would be particularly useful for scientists.
    When our friend Mike tests it, we'll post a link to his comments on his website.