Sunday, May 20, 2007

How Can You Tell It's a Long Weekend?? Because It's Raining!!

It's raining. Might as well as go for a paddle!

We put in on The Gorge, with a plan to go into Portage Inlet and then into Colquitz Creek. We're going to see how far up the creek we can go. It's Louise, Paula, Alison and myself today. Bernie begged off -- something about the reaping. It's raining lightly, but doesn't let up.
Off we go under the Craigflower Bridge.

The birds were out. Herons...


...and ducks, but I didn't get a good picture of any.
Into Colquitz Creek we go.

It quickly narrows down.

Soon we hardly had a place to turn around. We ended up getting up behind Tillicum Mall, but could get no farther. Stephanie has said that she has gone farther, but she was armed with a macheté.
Colquitz Creek

We did our bit to help keep Colquitz Creek clean.

We continued on...
Colquitz Creek
Colquitz Creek

...but finally, it got too difficult to move on. Louise got caught in the brambles. Alison and Paula with their slightly smaller boats were able to go on a little further, but we'd reached the end of the road and it was time to turn back.
Up the Creek

So we went back down the Creek and back into Portage Inlet...
Colquitz Creek into Portage Inlet

...where this fellow was waiting for us.
Swan, Ahoy!

And finally this heron bid us adieu as we approached shore.

"Okay, John, you just keep taking pictures of birds if you want...."

"...but the rain is getting harder. We're outta here!"

My pictures are here.