Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shark vs Kayak

Earlier this month, a kayak with two young women in it was attacked by a great white shark off Plymouth, Massachusetts. The shark rose up underneath the kayak, tossing them into the water. According to a report from KFOR:
The two teen girls were in separate kayaks about 110 yards off shore when they saw the fin of the shark. The next thing they knew, the shark’s teeth were just inches away from them.
“We were just talking and paddling. And I look over to talk to her and it came completely out of the water and got the bottom of the boat and flipped her over and knocked my kayak completely over,” said Ida Parker, kayak attacked by shark.
“I saw at least four feet of its head. Four feet of it came up out of the water,” said Ida.
The shark went after Ida and her friend who were out kayaking.
“It bit through the boat, there are bite marks all the way through the bottom of the kayak,” said Ida.
A neighbour heard screaming and called 911. Fortunately, the girls suffered nothing more than a good scare, while their kayak suffered small scratches and holes. One hole, pictured above by the Massachusetts State Marine Fisheries, suggests an exploratory bite by a great white, according to experts. A great white was widely known to be in the area, and the women had decided to paddle out and check the local seal colony, a decision they now admit probaby wasn't the wisest with a great white prowling around.
Apparently, the shark hung around the area for at least a few more days, and it appears to not have developed a taste for plastic.
More pictures are here.

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