Monday, September 22, 2014

Lincoln Street Kayak and Canoe Museum

A couple of weeks ago, Louise and I found ourselves travelling through Portland, Oregon. Even though we were following a map, somehow we zigged when we should have zagged, and ended up where we didn't want to be, but in a happy happenstance we stumbled upon the Lincoln Street Kayak and Canoe Museum.
The museum was closed -- it's only offically open Wednesday evenings or by appointment -- but we could see through the window that there were at least a couple of dozen old skin on frame Inuit-styled kayaks. In fact, the museum houses almost 60 full-size kayaks, as well as nearly 50 models. Most of the full-size kayaks are replicas, but there are a couple of originals in the collection, and it's touted as being one of the world's largest collections of traditional Arctic-styled kayaks. Sadly, we couldn't wait around for opening time, but maybe next time we are down that way, we will make sure we have a Wednesday evening free to stop by.
The Musuem is on Facebook -- check out its page for photos of the collection.

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  1. Wow! How great is it, to find a museum like this!