Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CBC reports: German kayakers reach Bering Sea from Hay River

Bernie spotted this news story on the CBC, reporting that during this summer a pair of German kayakers have made an epic journey from Hay River in the Northwest Territories to the Alaskan shore of the Bering Sea. You can read about their trip here, on the CBC website.

The young men launched on May 14 at Hay River on Great Slave Lake, paddled down the Mackenzie River to the Gwich'in community of Tsiigehtchic at the point where the Arctic's Red River joins the Mackenzie. They then did a 160-kilometre portage through the Richardson Mountain pass to Fort Yukon. Once on the Yukon River, it was all downstream to the coast.
(and now it's time to ask: what did you do on your summer vacation? Suddenly my day paddling on the South Saskatchewan seems so tame :)
This map is from the article on the CBC website. Support your CBC!

Kudos to Janosh Hagen and Jan Kruger! They're high school friends who learned kayaking in order to make this trip. And get this -- not only did they not take longer to complete the journey than expected, they finished ten days ahead of their plans. I don't know what they ate, but I bet it was high-energy food.

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