Monday, September 01, 2014

Equipped on the water

A colourful summer photo of Lila's and Yves's friend Rina kayaking with a pal on Lac Sainte Anne on Saturday of the Labour Day weekend:

Rina and her pal were enjoying a drink to celebrate her friend's first paddle in her brand new kayak (same as the one Rina is in, but red instead of yellow). Getting a kayak the same as a buddy's boat makes sense -- they'll go similar places at similar speeds, and gear for one will fit on the other even if the colours are different.
The weather looks gorgeous after days of smoky haze or sunny heat waves. It's clear that Rina & co. were having a good time! Can anybody spot any ways they might have had a safer (and therefore even better) time on the water?
Paddle on, Rina!


  1. No PFD - aka Life Jacket. Can't see a pump or throw rope either. That is a big bottle of booze!!

  2. Consultation with Lila has confirmed that the unseen paddler, Rina's friend, was wearing a PFD. Perhaps the other life jacket and water pump and throw rope were in the hatch of one kayak, but yeah, they weren't right at hand. As we've told our friends, sitting on a PFD is not good enough. Wearing a life jacket really is the only way it can be there for sure when ya need it.
    Oh, and as for the booze, apparently the bottle came out of the cupboard partly-finished, and after a shot was poured for both paddlers the bottle went back into the cupboard. Whew! That would have been one big honking bottle of booze for two paddlers on the water. We already met paddlers in Beaver Lake who needed rescue after deciding that a bottle of vodka and a six-pack made a good lunch for two: see