Thursday, September 18, 2014

Over The Sambaa Deh Falls

A kayaking couple from Colorado think they may have been the first to kayak over the Sambaa Deh Falls in the Northwest Territories last month. Leif and Natalie Anderson did a whitewater kayaking tour of the NWT and northern BC this summer, but describe their plunge down Sambaa Deh, a Class V, as a highlinght. Leif told the CBC, ​"It sort of drops into this mini gorge that's about 10 feet deep, 10 feet wide and you have to navigate a couple of bends there — a couple of S-turn kind of moves. Then it speeds up and opens up into this big fan and there's one particular spot that we wanted to hit on the righthand side there and you just drop into the fan and speed up."
A CBC report is embedded below and is worth watching, if only for Leif's awesome mullet.

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  1. Leif just put together a spoof edit of the trip that you can check out here: