Wednesday, March 17, 2010

While Others Were At Work

Tuesday morning was a good time around here -- Bernie and I pulled out a couple of kayaks and went out on the water with our neighbour Curtis. His little Loon 100 was well-matched to Bernie's Pamlico 100, and I wasn't trying to set any speed records with my Eliza.
The forecast was for 25 knot winds coming from the southeast, but there was no breeze until we left Cadboro Bay just past Loon Bay. We crossed from the Uplands side over to Flower Island, then hopped out to Jemmy Jones Island.
It was close to low tide slack, but we still found a little bit of current playing round Jemmy Jones. There was almost no kelp visible... well, come June there should be lots of it there! I hear the stuff grows like a foot or more a day in June. Gonna get some kelp then for Bernie to make more pickles and relish.
But this morning, under grey overcast, we simply enjoyed the slight flow current as we went towards Cadboro Point. The breeze suddenly came up to about 10 knots, and Bernie was abruptly reminded that he wasn't wearing neoprene. Time to turn around!
A cheerful conversation all the way out and all the way back to the beach at Gyro Park, where Curtis took my Eliza out for a quick loop. Now he's planning to try out several kayaks at the MEC Paddlefest in June at Cadboro Bay, to see which he likes best.

addendum: he came by Tuesday evening to say that his family is travelling for a few days, and to ask if we could baby-sit his daughter's new ant farm. So now we're ant-sitting. The little plastic container is sitting on a dresser in the other room, and I'm carefully not thinking about earthquakes and escaping ants.

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