Monday, March 15, 2010

Marina Press Coverage Continues

Yesterday's Victoria Times-Colonist ran a number of stories on the mega-yacht marina proposed for Victoria's Inner Harbour. Here they give an overview of the project, here the developer and others comment on the supposed economic benefits the marina will be to the region, while here the current status of the project is explored. The marina clearly doesn't have a lot of traction at City Hall as Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin said, "Council has always envisioned a wharf there -- a community wharf for people in kayaks and boats. The mega-yacht concept is much bigger and beyond the scale ever envisioned and really doesn't fit within the community plan."
Many local paddling groups are against this project as among other things it will limit kayak and canoe access to the middle and outer harbours, truncating out of the great urban paddles in the world. Click here to help stop the marina project.

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