Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rick Mercer Gets Wet

Rick Mercer (host of the appropriately named Rick Mercer Report) recently filmed a segment in Toronto where he learned how to kayak. To quote the Adventure Kayak website:
"Canadian TV star Rick Mercer filmed an upcoming episode at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure show, hopping into the paddling demo tank for a wet-exit lesson from instructor James Roberts of “It’s like adventure water boarding,” said Mercer after coming up for air and blowing his nose."
The brief kayak section was part of a larger report from the Toronto Outdoor Adventure show where he also did some stand-up paddling, scuba dived (scuba dove?) for the first time, and attempted to elude the Mantracker (yeah, like that could ever happen).

That clip is embedded here:

Another segment from the same episode which might be of interest to our readers was a segment on river ice rescues featuring the Toronto Police Marine Unit. That video is embedded here:

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