Monday, March 22, 2010

Save Our Harbour Vigil - April 17th

Happy Equinox to all!
The latest word on the debate over the proposed marina in Victoria's Harbour has come to my e-mail inbox from SISKA, the South Island Sea Kayaking Association. I'll copy here the notice that Glynis Newman sent out to her mailing list:

** Save Our Harbour Vigil- April 17th**
Come join other kayakers, paddlers on the water and landlubbers on shore at the Songhees on April 17th!
We are having a rally to show the Federal and Provincial ministers and the Mayor and Council of the City of Victoria making the decisions about the proposed Mega Yacht marina on the north shore of Victoria Harbour that we have concerns.
This event is being organized by a coalition of concerned groups, businesses, paddling and kayak clubs as well as individuals concerned about the lack of transparency around the decision making on this issue. SISKA has concerns around safety, access to public waters as well as some potential environmental issues.
Join us in your kayak or on land. Bring family and friends, workmates and neighbours...anyone with concerns around this proposed marina. The land people will meet in front of the Songhees.
Meet OTW at 10:00 am at the bottom of Jutland Parade or OTW at 10:30 am at Ocean River Sports docks. The “procession”of non-powered vessels, with the larger boats (Dragon, OC6's, canoes) leading the way around to the proposed marina site, leaves ORS at 10:45 am. These big boats will form a perimeter at buoys outlining the proposed marina footprint. The smaller craft will follow and fill inside that footprint.
There are plans for lots of land people, politicians and media.
Plan B if too windy...the marker buoys will go out. The large boats will not go, but any smaller craft can go if deemed safe. Otherwise some smaller boats can paddle to the totem pole beach as done last year at the Paddlers Rally. It is just as important to have people on land, so if too windy to kayak, wear your PFD and bring your paddle to the land part of the Vigil.
If you have any questions or if you wish to volunteer on the day please contact Jennie Sutton, Chair of Save Our Harbour Vigil at 250-592-6434 or email at
Watch the SISKA website for more details!

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