Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hayley's Shephard's South Georgia Solo Circumnavigation Called Off

Hayley Shehpard is abandoning her attempt to kayak solo around South Georgia Island. Beset by a host of unexpected problems, she set off 20 days behind schedule and simply ran out of time. A serious injury to a member of her support crew, a primary kayak smashed-up during transit and lousy weather conspired against her. Even the recent Chilean earthquake worked against her, making her efforts to change her airplane departure date due to her late start almost impossible.
But as she said on her blog, "A moment in Paradise is a moment well-lived and I am forever grateful for this opportunity despite the changes and unexpected outcome. That is a true adventure after all and it can be nothing less."
Let's hope the trip back is a little less challenging than the trip down.

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