Monday, February 22, 2010

Weird Wool

Okay, I'm into wool. Now, some people are allergic to wool, others get itchy when they get hot inside a wool sweater (y'know, really wish I'd known that before knitting my daughter that long-sleeved turtleneck sweater), but I'm lucky enough to have no trouble with merino wool sweaters. Doesn't hurt that they look cool too. Merino wool makes great kayaking gear -- really warm for its weight on a cold day, not too hot on a warm day, doesn't stink like poly.
I'm into wool for knitting and crocheting, too, which is why a friend sent me this link: it shows an image of a crocheting project called Crochet Hyperbolic Kelp.
And yup, the resulting wooly bits do look rather like kelp.
If you like that, you might as well check out the knitting projects on display at Why Would You Knit That? blog. Those projects have even less to do with paddling than the crocheted kelp, but still, they're croggling.

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