Monday, February 15, 2010

Nature photos needed!

It may not be a glorious day, but at least the wind isn't howling at gale force, so I'll be out on the water after work. In the meantime, a quick bit of news to share: I am a new volunteer naturalist for the Capital Regional District parks, at the Nature House in Elk/Beaver Lake Park. Not sure who's heard the news outside the paddle group, but it's always a good idea to share good news... after all, we all hear about every airplane crash in the world so we might as well share good news too, eh?
Those of you who know the park may remember when this little building was a snack shack run by the Kiwanis. It's a Nature House now, get over it and bring your own snacks to the park, eh? Or go to the nice little restaurant at Hamsterly Beach at the other end of this hourglass-shaped lake, and have an affordable little meal.
In the meantime, while I'm being trained, I'm making some new posters and colouring pages for the Nature House. Do any local kayakers have photos of Western Painted Turtles, shots you've taken when out in local lakes? Or Bald Eagles? Or a Great Blue Heron? These will not be reproduced, just displayed in the Nature House. Thanks, if you can share them with me! I know John and Lila have a couple good photos that I will ask to use. And Rich has one of a heron he took at Beaver Lake, showing on his website from a couple weeks ago, that he said I could use. Will show you photographers the posters I make, once the CRD people approve them for display.

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