Monday, February 08, 2010

Hydrogen Power on the Water

As kayakers head out on expeditions with more and more electronic gear (cell phones, GPS, digital cameras, laptops...heck, even flashlights), the issue becomes how to power them. Up until now, you've really had only two choices -- some sort of solar-powered recharging system, or lots of spare batteries. Now there just might be a third option.
As reported over at boing-boing, Horizon Fuel Technologies is marketing a table top hydrogen power station that can extract hydrogen from water. (Check out a video from CNN here.) The Hydrofill uses electricity to produce hydrogen that can then be stored in refillable cartridges. The system can pump out 2.5 watts of power. It does require electricity to operate, but this could be provided by a solar cell. So with the proper connections and a supply of water (and water is always nearby when you kayak), another clean alternative to spare batteries could be on the horizon.
It's hoped that the system could be on store shelves later this year, with the cost rumored to be about $200.
No word if it works with salt water.


  1. The price is a little too high for me at $200 -- that'd buy a lot of gear, tho not a good kevlar paddle.
    When is someone gonna invent a way to use the movement of my paddle to recharge my batteries?

  2. Ah, but it's designed for home use. So with a solar cell you could be charging hydrogen cells at home all day as well for free. Well, for just the cost of the water, anyway.