Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hear that Tsunami Warning!

Found something nifty on Rich's flicker account among his photographs -- a short video with an audio recording of the tsunami warning that he heard when he was paddling out in Oak Bay. Check it out here! Or here at his blogpost.
The earthquake in Chile seems to be well-reported. There are several news articles about it on google at this link. It looks like there will be some Canadian soldiers sent there to be part of the relief program -- Bernie's cousin Tammy is spending two more weeks in Haiti and then she may be sent to Chile.
This is one more opportunity to remind everyone on the West Coast that we're in an earthquake zone, people! Keep a small backpack full of emergency stuff at all times! Amazing how much a kayaking dunk bag is very much like an emergency kit for earthquakes and other emergencies, ya know?
And keep some food and water ready in case the power and water stop working after an earthquake or other disaster. Even if you live in a tall apartment building, be prepared. It doesn't hurt to keep a sealed box out back in a shed, too, where it's easy to find when buildings fall down. You can always use the stuff when kayak camping, and put new stuff in after your trip. I'm just sayin'.

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  1. That is kind of coincidental. I recorded the pan pan message while I was out too. I wanted to use it with my science classes. I guess I should post a copy.