Friday, February 19, 2010

Trying Not To Wear Down A Path

On the water yesterday at sunset... on the water again this morning at sunrise... so good to see the bay full of light from so many angles.
One of the side effects of being able to go kayaking so often this winter is that I have to be careful when crossing the soft, spongy front lawn. The ground is so damp that it's easy to tear up the grass with my feet. I have to be careful not to wear a path across the lawn. Oh, yeah. Those of you who have to drive your boats to the water's edge may now envy my kayaking path just a little.
Another side effect of kayaking at different times of these bright days is getting used to the changing reflections of sunlight on the water. I ran right up onto a barnacled rock in my little inflatable. No gouges on the hull, just a few light scratches. These inflatables from Advanced Elements are really made to last, out of good materials.
Maybe the sunglasses I've been wearing were part of the problem, making it hard to see through the water. Still, I like wearing them; it's one more way that I can feel like Freya. And I'll take any way I can feel that strong and capable.
And I felt strong and capable as I carried my Dragonfly past two older ladies in the park. "How was it today on the water?" they asked. Marvelous. Absolutely marvelous.

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