Sunday, February 07, 2010

Strafing Seagulls

It was the seagulls that were doing the strafing! Saturday afternoon I'd been sidetracked all day with one thing and another, and the lovely weather was almost gone. But I managed to get into my little inflatable and go out for my usual run to Flower Island and back.
Well, nearly the usual run. This time, there were several seagulls who decided to play "chicken" with me. First one, then another and another went zoooOOOooom past my boat, close enough that I could have reached out with the paddle and swatted them. Not sure how I managed to hang out a sign that read "Strafe Me" in seagull talk, but it was definitely there from the start of the trip out to the turn-around point and back.
Bernie and I had seen a number of sailboats on the bay as we came home from errands, and a dark floating blob out near Flower Island that we couldn't identify. As I came out closer, I decided that the blob must have been a float put there and then retrieved by the people practising controlling their sailboats.
So nice that a plain ordinary everyday bit of exercise took place on a beautiful little bay and in the company of such energetic neighbours... even if they zoomed past my head a couple more times before I got back to the shore and made dinner. Squash again.

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