Thursday, November 27, 2008

Walk the Waves

Here's a new-fangled contraption I found while surfing the net. It's a Wavewalk. While some (notably Bernie) might debate over whether or not it even is a kayak, the manufacturer markets it as a fishing kayak you can stand in. Or you can sit in it if you really want to.
You can even go tandem and have two people sitting in the cockpit. And it's good in the surf, at least according to the website, but I have to think you'd wouldn't want to be standing too high going over the waves.
Or you can pimp it out and go fishing. Here someone has tricked it up with a small outboard engine, a fishing tackle box, and fishing pole holders. Or are those photon torpedo launchers and a phaser bank? It's hard to tell.

With a strong enough motor, you can even use it as an icebreaker.


  1. Hey those are my yaks, the trolling motor has foot controlled steering.
    Stable beyound belief, Even with big waves and wakes.
    I can paddle as fast as my 30lb thrust trolling motor wave walk.
    I now own 5, and Love them.
    Ps. I was paddling when breaking the ice in that video.
    Happy paddling

  2. The outriggers were my training wheels when I got my first wave walk yak (W300), now they are more of a rod holder. None of my other wave walks have them on them, they are not needed.
    Then I added a 30lb thrust minn kota.
    The W500s are even a better design, and I can't believe how more stable the New 2009 models are.
    I LOVE THEM!!!!
    Tight lines