Sunday, November 23, 2008

Telegraph Cove

Today's paddle had a late start, 11:00 am, not only because of tides/currents but because the night before we'd been in the pool making fools of ourselves. Wet exits and scramble re-entries are worth practising even though they are way more exhausting than just paddling. Out of consideration for creaky older paddlers, Rich suggested a later start. I was the only one who took him up on it today. And I wheeled my kayak over the hill between Cadboro Bay and Telegraph Cove, so it was a good workout.
The 5 knot breeze was no problem as we launched, but it did increase to 9 or so knots by the end of the trip, two hours later. It was a good day to cruise past Queen Alexandra's Hospital for kids, and to look at insanely big mansions all along the shoreline. We went as far as Arbutus Cove before the chop and swell got a little too big for a day when I was still tired from the pool workout. Turned around, and surfed most of the way back on the swells. Neat! Thought I saw porpoises at one point, but it turned out to be cormorants.
Wheeled my Eliza back to the Beach House and then Bernie and I met Rich at Starbucks for coffee and chat. All in all, a good November paddling weekend. Any time I'm in a kayak three times in a weekend, that's good.

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  1. Sounds like fun. Probably a godd thing I skipped it though as I think I've sprained my entire right side during the pool session! :)