Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kayakers' 300ft dam drop attacked

Okay, not a pure vertical, but still this looks like fun--fun like bobsledding or luge.

A high-speed run down the slope of a spillway and then into the standing waves at the bottom.

It doesn't look particularly brilliant or even scary really--as long as you're facing forward, you're good.
That the dam owners have condemned the attack, well, that what they have to do, innit? You can't just open your doors to anyone, 'cause then you've got a lawsuit on your hands.
Anyway, footage and article are here at the BBC. The photos are by James Davies, Swansea, and are posted in a sequence over at the Beeb.

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  1. You hear a lot about the hazards of the hydraulics caused by even the deceptively quiet looking low head dams - I look at this & I just wonder if this could have some of the same hydraulics as they talk about in reports like this.

    I'm not a whitewater-savvy enough person to know for sure if that was likely to be happening at the base of that spillway, but I'm going to be curious to see if anyone more familiar with the subject weighs in (assuming this story piques enough interest in the kayak-blogging circles to generate more stories).

    Personally, I'm a pretty conservative paddler, but I usually come down on the anti-nanny side when it comes to people challenging themselves. Still, seems that there are good reasons that people who are in charge of dams don't want people playing in the spillways.

  2. The kayak-fishing is particularly good there as well !!!
    (go with all the safety gear,tell some one where you are going and when you expect to be back)
    Welsh water could make a mint up there, the place is huge (3miles long)and could bring a huge revenue if properly marketed by the tourist board.
    Fishing shops would do well, B&B's would do well campsites ext the list goes on and on. Welsh water get your act together and look what other people have been saying. you starting to look out of touch with public opinion!.