Monday, November 10, 2008

Good weather!

After watching This Is The Sea 4, only some of us paddlers felt ambitious about an outing in the morning. It was just Richard and myself Sunday morning at Cadboro Bay.
What a great idea, kayaking that morning! Unlike the day before, which had dawned windy with rain howling down, this was a quiet and calm grey morning. The clouds thinned as the day went on.
Richard and I darted out of the Bay (how can ya "dart" out of a half-mile deep bay? dunno, but we did) and realized that the whole basin of Oak Bay bounded by the islands was calm. The flooding current ran about 1knot, not even 2. There was the faintest breeze. We headed over to the Chains, crossing currents like decorative ribbons on the surface instead of rivers ripping past.
That faint breeze, though, was coming from the east, so we knew we'd only be out a couple of hours instead of all day. Weird weather comes from the east.
Weird enough. Clouds gradually boiled up from the west, and a fogbank from the east. We felt a little better about not planning to go round Discovery today.
Coming back from the Chains toward Jemmy Jones Island, the slight current carried us sideways over near the Chathams. We could see the freight train running in Baynes Channel.
Funny how only 1 knot of current is enough to make standing waves, if the wind is opposing... and this time we figured out that there's one set at the light on Cadboro Point, and another set of standing waves heading north from Strongtide Island/Chatham.
Now Richard wants to go play with the freight train.
Fun to come close and look at it, for sure.
Going past Flower back to the beach, the sun was out and warm on our backs. Awesome weather for November. Just a three-hour paddle, as the fog and clouds were closing in around a bubble of clear sky. But a good one.

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